Thoughts while airborne

When skies are grey I love to board a plane

There’s always sunshine up above the clouds.

To raise my head above the pouring rain

And raise my feet above the madding crowds.


In clear skies let me rise up in the air

and feel myself expand into the blue.

To float above the world without a care

And see it all laid out in eagle’s view.


When storm clouds loom and thunder rolls above

A plane’s the place to help you know your size.

Kilometers below awaits your love

Who seeks the fickle mercy of the skies.


As I write this the ISS flies past

The vanguard riding through a sky more vast.



About John Dalton

Geek. Husband. Dad. Sysadmin. Gamer. Bibliophile.
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2 Responses to Thoughts while airborne

  1. great shot. what part of the world is that ?

    • John Dalton says:

      Thanks! This is somewhere along the coast of Victoria, Australia. I was en route from Hobart to Melbourne and took this while my phone was in flight mode, so unfortunately I don’t have any location data.

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